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Each week on Sentinel Watch, you'll find inspiring and strengthening spiritual ideas that can bring healing to your life, to your family and community, and to the world. For a healing message, tune in right here to Sentinel Watch or listen live on KDKA. You will hear current interviews from ordinary people who have found healing and guidance by turning to God.

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October 20–26, 2018—The 24-hour pastor


Guest: Keith Wommack

The word pastor conjures up images of a religious person who shepherds a congregation Spiritward. But what about a pastor you have immediate access to 24 hours a day? A pastor that has healed people ever since being ordained? On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest is going to talk about this pastor, and how you can access it 24/7.

October 27–November 2, 2018—How can I experience a satisfying life?


Guest: Mark Unger

“I can’t get no satisfaction!” the Rolling Stones famously sung. So how do we find true, lasting satisfaction? On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest responds to questions sent in via our website asking, “How can I experience a satisfying life?” And he shares how we can do this by understanding our spiritual nature as God’s perfect creation.

November 3–9, 2018—The power of Truth to bring freedom


Guest: Juliane Klein

There are many ways in which our freedom can seem vulnerable to restriction—from a loss of political freedom, to finding unjust impediments on our career path, to loss of health. Discover how our guest has seen the power of Truth bring freedom in all these ways and more . . . by listening to the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

November 10–16, 2018—Praying with our lives - living the First Commandment


Guests: Caryl Farkas, Edwina Aubin

The Ten Commandments have stood the test of time as wise guides to what we should or shouldn’t do. But they also go deeper than that and shine a light on what we truly are as God’s spiritual creation, which the Bible says God sees as “very good.” Hear the healing this brings on the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

November 17–23, 2018—Giving praise and gratitude to God heals


Guests: Jen McLaughlin, Carol Olano, Carl Phillips, Julie Pabst and Van Driessen

“Praise the Lord!”

It’s always heartening to hear that phrase. But are we just praising the Lord . . . for the Lord’s sake? Or is praise for God one of the ways we can gain a better sense of ourselves as God’s creation and find healing? Our five guests have wonderful examples to share of just that . . . on the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

November 24–30, 2018—Gratitude before, during, and after a challenge


Guest: Melanie Wahlberg

Is it really possible to be grateful no matter what's going on in our lives? Yes it is, and it can lead to healing! On the next edition of Sentinel Watch our guest responds to your questions and shows how we can discover that since God is the source of gratitude, we can never be without it and its uplifting, healing power.

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