David Hohle, CSB

Dave Hohle is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher listed in The Christian Science Journal, and a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He practices the Science contained and explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

When I was five or six years old, my mom told me that if I ever got in real trouble, I could reach out to God and God would help me. Not long after that I found myself mid-air, falling backwards. In that moment I remembered my mom’s promise and reached out to God. An idea came to me that brought that moment of terror to a harmless close, and opened for me a lifelong knowledge that I could really trust God in any situation.

Throughout my boyhood, I experienced and witnessed many instances of God’s practical guidance and protection. And by the time I graduated college, it seemed natural to let God guide the first few steps of my career.

Right out of school, I began in the graphic arts, and continued to develop into promotion, marketing, manufacturing, and management. I ended up managing production operations and advertising organizations. I picked up an MBA along the line at night because I needed the skill sets. But looking back on it, even from the start the real work has always been about patience, perseverance, intelligence, focus, problem-solving, ethics, progress, and attention to detail.

In around 2000, I rented an office part-time so I could help people through prayer. I was only there a couple times a week, but the devotion of thought to that work seemed to open it up, and after several years I left my work in management and entered full-time into the public practice of Christian Science. A few years later I applied for a seat in the 2009 Christian Science Normal Class, and then relocated, along with my wife, Carol, and our dog, Ellie, to Chicago, where I now practice and teach. We live in a townhome in a beautiful neighborhood just South of the Loop and right near Lake Michigan, which is some of the most beautiful and swimmable fresh water in the world!

I have had many experiences that have demonstrated the presence and availability of God in a flash, and that in any situation, “underneath” truly, “are the everlasting arms.”

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